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Cocoa Beach Condos for Sale

Cocoa Beach is a fantastic place to call home. especially the Cocoa Beach condos for sale are in high demand amongst Cocoa Beach residents as well as vacation home owners. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River, Cocoa Beach offers various types of condo buildings for every taste and budget.

From the Cocoa Beach oceanfront condos for sale with private beach access to the Cocoa Beach condos for sale that are located on the shore of the Banana River.

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Cocoa Beach Condos

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Pros & Cons of Condos

Maintenance & Repairs

When you purchase Cocoa Beach condos, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs. The condo association will take care of everything that involves the common amenities and the exterior of your building from landscaping, painting, paving, roofs, pools, etc.

Expenses which could drain your budget are now split between an entire community of condo owners.

On the downside, you will have to pay a monthly HOA fee and you will have to rely on the association to get repairs done.

Condo Rules

The associations for Cocoa Beach condos usually set specific rules about living in a condo community and for most Cocoa Beach real estate buyers that’s great news. Those rules will keep your neighbors from painting the exterior in crazy colors and set a time when they have to keep the noise level down.

On the downside, you will have to abide by those rules as well. So if you care about individuality or like to have parties until late at night, the condo life might not be right for you.

Lower Prices

Of course there are some Cocoa Beach condos for sale that are located in luxury oceanfront communities with very high purchase prices. However, in general you will spend less money on a condo than on a single family home with the same square footage (not to mention all the amenities you will find in a condo community.

On the downside, you will have to add the HOA fee on top of your monthly expenses and you will have to share all amenities with the other Cocoa Beach condos owners.

Social Life

There are many opportunities to meet your neighbors in a condo community. Whether it be at the pool, the tennis court, the clubhouse or the gym. For everyone who enjoys a social life that is a great opportunity to meet new people or enjoy activities together with a befriended neighbor.

Of course, if social interactions make you feel uncomfortable you might not enjoy the condo life too much. Of course there are ways to avoid meeting other people in condo communities but overall it might be better to look into one of the other homes for sale Cocoa Beach.
Overall you can see that the Cocoa Beach condos life isn’t for everyone but for those who enjoy that lifestyle it’s a wonderful opportunity to live a fantastic life with many joys and activities that might not be possible with the purchase of a single family home.

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