NEW 360° Virtual Reality Video

Experience the future of real estate marketing today. Virtual Realty videos give buyers the possibility to experience YOUR home in 360 degrees on their cell phone. With a Virtual Realty video walkthrough, buyers can look around, up and down as they would in a real walkthrough. Especially for out of state buyers this can make the difference when deciding to buy a home.

NEW 360° Virtual Reality LIVE

While the Virtual Reality video is available 24/7 for buyers to view, if they want to take a more personalized look at YOUR home, they can schedule a Virtual Reality LIVE tour. No matter what place in the world they live, buyers can get the same experience as seeing your home in person – LIVE. They have a full 360 view, they can talk to me and ask me questions as I show them your home via a livestream and they can direct me to walk wherever they want to go.

It’s a huge trend amongst celebrity homebuyers and is now available to you.

Video Walkthrough

While 360 Virtual Reality videos provide the best experience, you will also get a smooth 60-fps HD video of YOUR home. Cut and edited with professional video editing software and arranged with matching royalty-free background music, your home will be available to view 24/7.

Facebook Video Ads

With close to 2 billion active users per month, Facebook is the best way to reach potential buyers. But amongst 2 billion users it’s crucial to target the right people. With laser-focused audiences, we can target people who are very likely to buy a new home in your neighborhood and in your price range.

With beautiful videos of YOUR home, users are 600% more likely to engage than with a photo ad and even 1300% more likely to engage than with a normal status ad.

Re-Targeting Ads

These ads are highly targeted at buyers who already showed interest in your home by engaging with your video walkthrough or who visited the listing of your home. These are people who are 70% more likely to convert than a general audience. Amongst thousands of homes for sale it’s important to remind potential buyers of the home they already like – YOUR home. Re-targeting ads do exactly that.

YouTube Ads

Every single day, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube. When the 1.3 billion YouTube users are searching for homes for sale in your neighborhood, it should be YOUR home they see. Video is by far the most engaging advertising format and YouTube is the largest video platform. YouTube Ads instantly get you to the Top Position.

Google Adwords

51% of homebuyers found the home they purchased on the internet. With a targeted Google Adwords campaign the listing of YOUR home will be placed at the top of Google’s search results, guiding potential buyers directly to your listing.

Real Estate Network

Your home will be listed on more than 80 real estate and social media channels, including: Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes, AOL Real Estate, MSN Real Estate and many more…


88% of buyers purchase their home through a real estate agent/broker. Working with a Realtor, your home will be listed on the Space Coast MLS (Multiple Listing Service). That makes your home visible to thousands of Realtors and their Buyers. With the IDX, the listing of your home will be shown on all participating Realtor websites.

Email Blast

Amongst hundreds and thousands of listings, a little extra work can make a huge difference in order to put the listing of your home at the top a real estate agents list. To do that I will send an e-flyer to thousands of real estate brokers and their offices.


Photos create the first impression for every buyer browsing the MLS and other real estate platforms. Because pictures are so important, I will choose only the best photos and using multiple pro-level photo editing software make every image look stunning.

Target Group Analysis

Identifying the ideal target group for your home and defining them demographically and psychologically makes it possible to customize all marketing tools & advertising formats. Focus, wording and tonality can be adjusted to attract the ideal buyer for your home.

Sales Psychology

The first stage of sales psychology uses statistics to analyze the behavior of consumers (in this case homebuyers) to evaluate which triggers (content format, color, position, etc.) have the highest response rate. The second stage uses psychological models like hypnosis or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to emphasize positive emotions and link them to a product (in this case YOUR home).


The listing of your home can be so much more than just a list of features. Telling a story and engaging the imagination and emotions of potential buyers will spark their desire to buy YOUR home instead of one of the many others.